For unique software needs

We help our customers create unique software solutions that cannot be found on the market. High-productivity Software Development Platform enables us to deliver solutions fast and efficiently.


The most productive partner for software development



We radically shorten the software delivery times.



Solutions are always completed on schedule and on budget.



Implementation process is visual and customer-centric.



Get fast results and automatically tedious features automatically in your systems

A typical software development project consist of:

Project Management

Requirements specification

Software design and development

Integrations and migrations

Quality Assurance

Implementation and support services

We take care of the solution also after the implementation

Support and maintenance services

We provide comprehensive support and maintenance services for our applications. You can also choose to get your solution as-a-service (SaaS delivery), in which case we take care of both the software and its infrastructure for you.

Ongoing modernization

Thanks to our high-productivity development platform, our solutions can be expanded and further developed cost-effectively also after implementation. Through our version updates, we are constantly developing e.g. data security, performance and usability features that can be easily implemented in the delivered solutions.

Services supporting our software deliveries


We help creating a clear roadmap for your organization’s digital service development for the next 3-5 years.


Our solutions comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulations. We also offer experienced GDPR consultation regarding system implementations.


Our experienced UI/UX experts master the best practices of digital service design and usability, helping you to create great looking, easy-to-use applications that users will love.


We consider the diversity of all digital service users by complying with the EU Accessibility Directive recommendations when designing and developing your software.

Reporting tools

We combine information from internal and external data sources, visualizing the data into easy-to-use reports and implementing them into your system.

Artificial Intelligence

We help you in identifying use cases for machine learning and artificial intelligence and bring the AI-applications into your enterprise systems.

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