SC Meeting & Conference Manager

Kokoushallinta järjestelmä ja puheenjohtajan näkymä auki näytöillä

SC Meeting & Conference Manager is an easy-to-use application for managing conference preparation, execution, and follow-up work.

The solution significantly streamlines conference work by automating routines, digitalizing paper-based processes, and providing essential tools for users in different roles in the conferences.

A platform for all types of trade union meetings

Meeting & Conference Manager is suitable for organizing all types of meetings both on-site and remotely, scaling up to large numbers of attendees. The solution supports and guides the different stages of the meeting, offering targeted tools for the chairman, secretaries, participants and followers of the meeting. The solution integrates with Microsoft Teams or Zoom, which provide video and audio connections to the meeting.

The solution provides tools for handling of initiatives, planning and publishing meetings, sharing documents, running an agenda, reviewing attendance, requests to speak, electronic voting, taking notes, reporting and much more.

Customized to your needs

A software product is a fast and cost-effective way to implement a system that meets your unique needs. The solutions are always customized and integrated to suit organizational and union-specific operating processes.

Additionally, the base solution automatically includes:

  • great usability
  • high data security
  • GDPR compliance and features
  • user-role-specific features
  • multi-device support
  • And much more!

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