Our method

Highly Productive Software Development

Our method

Implementing a solution with SoulGen platform

At the core of our application production is the SoulGen software development platform. It generates a functional cloud application from a software data model without manual programming. On top, the custom tailored business logic and functionalities are implemented by our experienced software development professionals.

SoulGen provides a tangible advantage

Swift implementation

The basic structure of the solution and over 100 ready-made functionalities available directly from the data model on the SoulGen platform

A genuine cloud application from the early stages enhances collaborative development of the solution

Shorter delivery time compared to traditional software development

Cost effectiveness

More precise predictability of delivery schedule and budget

Customer’s investment is used for higher business value: repetitive programming and implementation of common functionalities are automated

High quality

Standard processes and repetitive testing in all projects continually enhance quality.

Fewer bugs requiring correction and shorter bug-fixing time throughout the solution’s implementation and lifecycle

Long lifecycle

No expiration date: modernization is done cost-effectively with the same method, adapting the solution to evolving business needs

No vendor lock-in: the solution adheres to a standard multi-layer architecture, maintenance does not require the SoulGen platform

Ready application up to 80% faster on SC Software’s SoulGen software development platform

With SoulGen-platform we increase software development productivity. Learn more!

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SoulGen software development platform is suitable for creating versatile software solutions

Over the years, our approach has proven to be a highly effective way to build a variety of solutions ranging from large and complex enterprise systems to small applications. Our solutions do not differ technically from traditionally programmed applications; they are genuine, independent applications following a multi-layer architecture. Our method has been proven successful in dozens of customer projects, contributing to the high level of our customer satisfaction.

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