Our method

Higher productivity

Our method

High-productivity Software Development Platform

At the heart of our application development is our own high-productivity software development platform. This technology allows us to generate functional code without manual programming based on domain-specific models (DSM). That’s how we automatically produce a range of application features from database to the interface.

What’s the difference to traditional software development methods?

Our development platform frees up our software developers’ time to higher value work (e.g. better process automation, usability features, support for different devices, or reporting tools) by automatically producing parts of the application.

This method also enables an inspiring and visual development process for the customer: we build the first version of the application already in the sales discussion phase. From there it is easy to continue the solution’s development together with the customer.

Is it a low-code development platform?

Our technology is comparable to low-code development platforms, but we do not aim for completely codeless programming. Our philosophy is to free up the time for our developers to produce higher added value. Therefore our production model does not limit the scope of the solutions, as the development continues manually on top of the generated application. Combining automated and manual development enables us to effectively build solutions ranging from complex enterprise systems to small applications.

High-productivity Software Development Platform is suitable for creating versatile software solutions

Our solutions are cloud-based business systems. They are not technically different from traditionally developed systems; they are genuine stand-alone business applications with a multi-tier architecture.

Over the years, our approach has proven to be a very effective way to build a variety of solutions ranging from large and complex enterprise systems to small applications. Our method has worked successfully in dozens of customer projects, contributing to the high level of our customers’ satisfaction.

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