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SC Software – We build better software

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SC Software – Next-generation software development

We develop cloud-based software solutions. All of our solutions are based on our SoulGen high-productivity software development platform that automates application development.

We help enhance our clients’ operations by building new solutions, modernizing legacy software, and delivering customizable solutions and SaaS products.

Tailored solutions

Semi-customized solutions

SaaS products

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Tailored solutions

With a solution tailored according to your needs, you will achieve optimal process support, efficiency, and a competitive advantage. SoulGen software development platform ensures a quick start to solution development and moderate costs throughout its lifecycle.

Semi-customized solutions

Semi-customized solutions come with built-in process support and functionalities tailored to the specific needs of a particular industry or function. Customer-specific features can be built on top of them. This allows you to quickly, flexibly, and cost-effectively obtain a solution that meets your needs.

SaaS products

SaaS products are ready-made applications that you can quickly deploy with minimal configurations, including data migration and integration into your IT environment. The advantage of SaaS solutions lies in their easiness. Maintenance and updates are included in the service cost, making expenses easily predictable.

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SC Sourcing Suite strategic sourcing solution

A comprehensive solution for managing public procurement.

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Trade Union solutions

Trade union’s core solutions and supporting applications.

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SC Vinha – Capital Expenditure Management

A centralized platform for capex portfolio and lifecycle management.

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SC Kelpo – Quality Deviation Management

An easy application for quality deviation management

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Customer experiences

“SC Software’s approach is very inspiring, a completely different software development process compared to any other we’ve experienced before. Delivery is fast and visible results are available immediately. The process provides immediate tangible outcomes.”

Jukka Mattila, CFO, Service Union United PAM

“SC Software stood out from the other suppliers from the very start, when we already got to see the almost finished solution that met our needs. The project duration was only a couple of weeks from design to implementation. We were very impressed with this.”

Suvi Sell, Vice Precident, Supply, Tana Oy

“A lot of time and resources were saved compared to traditional software development. From the very beginning, the requirements definition was supported by a first functioning version of the application. Everything happened in a visual and easy-to-understand way.”

Jani Mökkönen, Director, Sourcing & Logistics, Neova Group

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