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SC Software is a cloud-native SaaS company. We deliver custom-developed software solutions and industry-specific software products.



We digitalize customer’s processes into great looking, user-friendly cloud applications in a powerful, intuitive, and collaborative way enabled by our software development platform.



We believe that organizations and end users need better software, and that there are better ways to build it than there are today.​

We want to exceed customer expectations.​

We promise to make better software always on budget and on time.

Our values


Trust, liability, psychological safety

Our operations are based on trust; we trust each other and are trustworthy in our networks as well. Each of us bears responsibility for our own work. For us, psychological safety means that everyone has the opportunity to develop their activities, point out grievances and present ideas for change.


Meaningful work, satisfied customer, expertise, pioneering​

We feel that our work is meaningful both for the individual and for society. A satisfied customer is a sign of our success. We are constantly developing our expertise and dare to think creatively – out of the box. Our pioneering spirit ensures the fulfillment of our mission: We build better software.


Positivity, learning together, openness​

We learn and succeed together. Our cooperation is based on positivity, it guides our interaction and development. We treat other people with kindness and respect. Our mutual communication is open and transparent.

We build better software

We provide our clients digital solutions that improve their efficiency and help them to stay innovative. Our mission is to create superior cloud-based software which meets the needs of our customers. We aim to be the leading digital service development partner who consistently delivers on our promises to all our customers.

Since 2014, we have amazed our customers with 100 % delivery reliability, radically effective software production and high-quality solutions that meet our customers’ needs. At the heart of our business is our own high-productivity application development platform that automates much of the manual coding.

Our method