A platform for Strategic Sourcing

sc sourcing suite

SC Sourcing Suite is a platform for strategic sourcing management. The solution enables contracting entities to lead and execute operations in accordance with the organizational goals.

SC Sourcing Suite seamlessly guides the Procure-to-Pay process, providing support for sourcing, supplier, and contract management. Accumulating data enhances informed decision making and leading of sourcing.

Comprehensive support for sourcing process


Collect supply needs

Collect and define supply needs and automatically create drafts based on ending contracts.


Plan & prepare

Plan and prepare sourcing goals, procedures, schedules, stakeholders, responsibilities, budget and much more. Schedule market consultations and invitations to tender.



Publish invitations to tender, collect and analyze offers and inspect and choose suppliers.



Create and manage supply agreements and direct buyers to purchase from valid contracts.

Lead contract lifecycles

Manage contract portfolio, contract lifecycles, events and legal cases.

Manage suppliers

Build a supplier portfolio, analyze and manage risks and build long-lasting, strategic supplier relationships.

Manage categories

Manage categories, follow category-specific reporting and enhance decision making.

Lead with knowledge

Set organizational goals, collect data throughout the procurement process and utilize it in decision making.

Lead with knowledge

SC Sourcing Suite enables effective leading of procurement with the data accumulated on the platform. Raise the transparency and predictability to the next level with versatile, management-supporting tools.

Accumulate high quality data
Unify, automate and lead processes
Enhance individual's work with personalized tools
Create collaboration among different teams, category managers, suppliers and other stakeholders
Enable Proactive management with
reports, forecasts, KPI's, snapshots and notifications
Set effectiveness goals for sustainability of finances, environment, society, culture, and much more

Enhance collaboration and self-service

Suppliers’ eService portal

Enhance co-operation and supplier relationship development with easy-to-use eService portal.

Let suppliers register users, keep their information up to date, attend tenders, and browse contracts, open tenders and tasks related to them.

Publish invitations to tender. Communicate centrally about tenders and contract events. Create notifications.

Buyers’ eService portal

Make sure that purchases are made from active contracts.

Let buyers utilize powerful search tools for active contracts, suppliers, categories, or free text search.

Offer information about contracts, suppliers and ordering instructions, and guide buyers to the right ordering portals.

A solution that adapts to your needs

SoulPro Strategic Sourcing Platform is the right solution for public sector or private organizations that see procurement as a significant and strategic function in their organization.

We customize and integrate the solution according to to your individual needs. The system can be easily deployed as-a-service (SaaS) or installed in the customer’s own cloud environment.

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