GROOM centralizes chain communications on the SC Franchise Management & ERP platform

Groomin parturit leikkaamassa asiakkaidensa hiuksia peilien edessä

Photo: Susanna Nordvall

GROOM barbers, a franchise chain specializing in men’s barber services, has implemented SC Franchise Management & ERP system. The solution is intended to support chain management, chain communications and operational activities. The background system and the related e-service provide a digital platform, which the chain management can utilize in communicating e.g. common operating models, guidelines, news and marketing campaigns throughout the chain.

“We used to communicate through free platforms like Facebook groups, email or other channels”, says Sami Heino, CEO of GROOM. “Communication through different channels was confusing, and the younger generation no longer uses Facebook, for example. When communicating through social media, work was constantly interfering with personal life. For these reasons, we wanted a professional system on which to focus our communications”, Heino continues.

Efficient information flow supports brand coherence

As a franchising business expands, it is important that operations remain consistent: for example, marketing campaigns must be implemented in the same way at all outlets in the chain. This way, customers get a coherent experience regardless of location, contributing to a positive brand image.

“The solution will be one of our most important tools. It allows us to get information, news, and campaigns across the field as desired. If the message passes through several middlemen, there is a risk that the message will change or disappear along the way”, Heino reflects.

Many benefits throughout the chain

The impacts of effective communication are reflected in many levels of the business:

“Centralizing communication saves time, improves information flow, and helps management in leading the chain. Effective communication also reduces the workload of the entrepreneurs and increases job satisfaction in the field. In the end, the result is better customer service”, says Heino.

“The users have praised the system for its ease of use. I believe that the product is suitable for all franchise chains”, Heino concludes.

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