SC Register of Members

Jäsenrekisterin laskutusajot -näkymä auki läppärillä

SC Register of Members is a powerful tool for managing and utilizing trade union’s membership data. Highly automated processes, availability of up-to-date information and compatibility with other systems ease the daily work routines of the union’s professionals, also creating a smooth service experience for the member.

Starting point to effective membership management

SC Register of Members stores information about members, employers, members’ positions of trust, badges of honor, magazine subscriptions, and other important data, also supporting various reporting needs.

The solution automatically creates billing material, such as membership fee and course- and event participation bills. Through integration, the billing material is forwarded to the trade union’s billing system, in which the actual billing is executed.

A complete solution for modern member service

We recommend a complete Membership Service Solution in which the Register of Members, Case Manager and Digital Service Portal support a centralized, systematic membership service process. Seamlessly cooperating solutions enable centralized service experience, maximum work automation, secure data processing and communication, and efficient use of data to support trade union’s management and decision-making.

Cases initiated by members in the Digital Service Portal are automatically transferred to the work queues of the correct handlers. The handling of cases is progressing centrally and transparently in the Case Manager. The member can follow the progress of the matter in real time and communicate through the Portal. Together, the systems provide timely information about the members and their employment and service history, making the operation seamless for all parties.

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