SC Case Manager

Nainen käyttämässä asianhallinnan ohjelmistoa

SC Case Manager is suitable for all trade union’s case handling situations, such as processing member applications and service requests, advisory cases and legal matters.

Consistent and transparent handling of cases, fast overview of service histories, efficient communication and automated workflows and up-to-date information streamline the work of an union professional. Rapid progress of cases contribute to a great service experience of the union’s members.

Always up to date

Cases are created either automatically from digital service portals, other integrated contact channels, or manually in the system. The cases are routed directly to the work queue of the right handler. Up-to-date snapshots of members and their employment relationships immediately show information relevant to the service situation. With Case Manager, keeping in touch with members is easy and secured, and important information won’t get lost in personal emails.

Customized to your needs

A software product is a fast and cost-effective way to implement a system that meets your unique needs. The solutions are always customized and integrated to suit organizational and union-specific operating processes.

Additionally, the base solution automatically includes:

  • great usability
  • high data security
  • GDPR compliance and features
  • user-role-specific features
  • multi-device support
  • And much more!

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