The Register of Members improves the customer experience of the Finnish Bar Association

SC Software supplied the Finnish Bar Association with a Register of Members solution, which enables the association to efficiently and securely manage the member data, services, and case handling processes. In a two-year, two-phase project, the association’s register of members was renewed and the Case Management Solution and the eService portal ASSI were developed. Simultaneously, the Bar Association’s Find an attorney-at-law online service was renewed.

“The reason for the solution’s development was our goal to provide a better customer experience for the members of the association. In addition, it was important to enhance the interoperability and further development of the systems”, says Eric Puchner, the IT and Development Specialist at the Finnish Bar Association.

The association’s Register of Members enables transparent and secure service

The comprehensive Register of Members solution tackles a wide range of issues, including data security and access to information:

“The intention behind developing the eService portal was to provide a easy and secure channel for communication between the association and the customer. For associations, there are often limited possibilities for using encrypted email connections. The eService portal therefore benefits both parties”, Puchner explains.

“In the long run, the solution will also improve the transparency of information, when customer service cases and files are no longer hidden in personal emails or folders”, Puchner adds.

Project conducted with seamless collaboration

“The project went well and I’m really proud of our work”, Puchner praises. “The first phase of the project was delayed, but when me and our external project manager Antti Laaksonen came along, we came up with a good plan with SC Software. With the approval of the management, we were eventually able to continue the project. And although there was some changes in the project team, we finished the project in the planned budget and schedule. This has been a big accomplishment for all of us,” Puchner continues.

“We’ve had very fruitful collaboration with SC Software throughout the project. Despite the challenges, we were on the same page and worked towards the same goals. I highly appreciate the SC Software’s professionals with whom I got to work with”, Puchner adds.

The eService portal received lots of positive feedback:

“Just today I received a message from one of our members, who praised the great usability of ASSI. And we’ve received other similar feedback as well”, says Puchner. “Based on the feedback, sending forms and attachments is now really easy through the eService, which was the ultimate goal. We have also received good feedback and ideas from the association’s staff, which we are now collecting for further development of the systems,” Puchner concludes.

“Only 9 % of similar projects succeed”

Antti Laaksonen from Agillon Oy, an external project manager working for the Finnish Bar Association, also praises the work of SC Software:

“The schedules and budget set for the project two years ago held excellent. The objectives set in the project plan were met. The fact that the solution also passed the comprehensive security tests excellently deserves a special mention. It tells of the high quality and modern approach of SC Software’s work. The resulting solutions are easy to use, pleasing to the eye and bring the entire information system architecture strongly to the 2020s. On this basis, it is easy to make further developments in the future”.

“SC Software’s key personnel are proving to be exceptionally professional, and cooperation with SC’s management was flexible and solution-oriented even in a challenging situation,” says Laaksonen, who has the background experience of about 80 projects.

“Success in projects of this scale is not self-evident, and requires success on both parties throughout the project. If, according to Standish Group’s long-term research, only about 9% of similar projects are successful, then everyone involved must be very satisfied with their own contribution and the success of the project. SC Software’s technologies and tools and the professionalism left such a good impression that I would happily start a similar project with them any time”, Laaksonen concludes.

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Conference Management Solution supports remotely held representatives’ council meeting of the Unemployment Fund of Finnish Industrial Workers

The Unemployment Fund of Finnish Industrial Workers (now the Open Unemployment Fund A-kassa) has implemented the Conference Management Solution provided by SC Software. The application centralizes the preparation, execution and follow-up work of live and remote meetings. Features include e.g. preparing meeting materials, tracking of attendance, requests to speak, and electrical voting. The solution integrates to Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

“The goal was to make the solution available for the next meeting of the fund’s representatives’ council”, says Mari Mommo, an Administrative Specialist at the Unemployment Fund of Finnish Industrial Workers. “The meeting of the representatives’ council holds the highest decision-making power in the unemployment fund, and there are hundreds of participants in the meeting.”

Due to the covid-19, the meeting was held remotely for the first time in its history.

“We had to re-think the entire meeting management process into electronic form and develop and implement the software implementation on a tight schedule”, says Mommo.

Comprehensive deployment support led to a successful conference

In addition to the development project, SC Software supported the solution implementation and the support during the meeting in cooperation with the customer. Visual user guides and training sessions were prepared for the meeting attendees, where users could try out the application in advance.

“There are a large number of representatives, and not everyone is used to using IT. We were hesitant about how the users would adopt the new system”, Mommo says. “Because of this, we wanted the solution to be as user-friendly as possible, and we supported the adoption in many ways.”

“With SC Software, we were prepared to deal with potential issues and arranged a help desk for the meeting, but everyone got online without problems,” Mommo continues. “SC Software managed great. The flexibility on both sides contributed to the successful project and finishing on time” Mommo praises.

The Conference Management Solution reduces workload of meeting arrangement

Mommo has noticed many practical benefits of using Conference Management Solution:

“We have so far conducted the meetings manually as “paper meetings”. Printing and sending the papers takes a lot of time compared to being able to distribute the materials electronically in the application. It is also easier to make requests to speak and vote in the application.”

“Zoom and Teams integration is also a big advantage”, Mommo continues. “Modern systems to talk with each other, making better use of already existing tools”.

“SC Software considered our overall success”

Mommo is pleased with the cooperation with SC Software:

“SC Software committed to a challenging schedule and took responsibility for the overall success of the project. They took our needs into account and proactively brought out their views on things we wouldn’t have considered ourselves. Cooperation with SC Software was easy”, concludes Mommo.

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