High-productivity software development platform successfully utilized in AFRY’s software delivery

Afry lasinen rakennus

SC Software supplied AFRY with a system intended for data management. The custom-tailored application was built by utilizing SC Software’s high productivity development platform.

“We ended up choosing SC Software as our software supplier, because they listened to our needs and immediately understood where we were aiming at. This way, we immediately got in the right direction cost-effectively”, says AFRY’s Director, Paper & Board Technology Jarkko Kutvonen.

“SC Software listened to our needs and immediately understood where we were aiming at” Jarkko Kutvonen, Director, Paper & Board Technologies, AFRY

Functional software at an early stage

With SC Software’s high-productivity software development platform, functional application code can be generated from a domain-specific model without manual programming. The technology automatically generates features from the database to the user interface. Additional features can be manually coded on top of the generated application without limitations. This way, the automation frees up software developers’ time from secondary work to more value-adding development.

“The project started fast, and we were able to see what the application would look like at an early stage”, says Kutvonen. “Automated application development suited our needs well, and I can recommend SC Software’s software development services to other organizations as well”.

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