Custom land area management solution delivered to Neova under budget and schedule – SC Software’s way of building software proves its strength

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Photo: Kari Vuorinen

A land area management solution, named Luuta, was implemented for Neova Group.

“We have about 50 active Luuta-users. They use the system to manage the areal information, such as peat production areas, the lifecycle of bogs and the future of land use in the areas managed by Neova”, says Päivi Peronius, Head of Peat Assets at Neova.

“The work also involves the management of permit matters and land leases. Neova is a fairly large landowner in Finland, so without the land area management solution, we would not be able to get by”, Peronius adds.

A modern centralized solution replaced several separate systems

SC Software and Neova started the development of the Luuta-solution already in 2015, when Neova needed a modern solution to replace the permit management system that had reached the end of its lifecycle. With the latest developments, functions of several separate systems have been brought to Luuta:

“Our goal was to replace the old systems with a solution implemented with modern technology and better usability”, says Peronius.

“There were different systems for land assets, land use, and environmental permit material management, and switching between them was tricky and time-consuming”, Peronius describes. “The centralization of information and operations in Luuta has made things smoother. It now takes significantly less time to do the same things”, she continues.

“When we talk about agile operating models, this was indeed it”

According to Peronius, the system reform project was already planned for several years. In the end, it was decided to expand the Luuta-solution with the necessary features. SC Software’s high-productivity application development platform was quick to bring them into the system.

Neova had a clear vision of their new needs regarding the solution. One of them was a map component, which was brought to Luuta in cooperation with an IT-supplier specializing in geographic information systems (GIS).

“Beforehand, we were a bit nervous about starting a challenging project with two software suppliers. Based on my previous experiences, I was prepared for delays and problems, but the cooperation with SC Software and Bitcomp was a really great and positive experience! Both suppliers were ready for close cooperation”, Peronius praises.

“When we talk about agile operating models, this was indeed it. We had strict schedule and budget goals, but we finished the project within budget and even faster than the estimated schedule. The project was smooth and I am really satisfied with its results”, Peronius concludes.

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