Conference Management Solution supports remotely held representatives’ council meeting of the Unemployment Fund of Finnish Industrial Workers

Piirroskuva siniasuinen nainen käyttämässä läppäriä

The Unemployment Fund of Finnish Industrial Workers (now the Open Unemployment Fund A-kassa) has implemented the Conference Management Solution provided by SC Software. The application centralizes the preparation, execution and follow-up work of live and remote meetings. Features include e.g. preparing meeting materials, tracking of attendance, requests to speak, and electrical voting. The solution integrates to Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

“The goal was to make the solution available for the next meeting of the fund’s representatives’ council”, says Mari Mommo, an Administrative Specialist at the Unemployment Fund of Finnish Industrial Workers. “The meeting of the representatives’ council holds the highest decision-making power in the unemployment fund, and there are hundreds of participants in the meeting.”

Due to the covid-19, the meeting was held remotely for the first time in its history.

“We had to re-think the entire meeting management process into electronic form and develop and implement the software implementation on a tight schedule”, says Mommo.

Comprehensive deployment support led to a successful conference

In addition to the development project, SC Software supported the solution implementation and the support during the meeting in cooperation with the customer. Visual user guides and training sessions were prepared for the meeting attendees, where users could try out the application in advance.

“There are a large number of representatives, and not everyone is used to using IT. We were hesitant about how the users would adopt the new system”, Mommo says. “Because of this, we wanted the solution to be as user-friendly as possible, and we supported the adoption in many ways.”

“With SC Software, we were prepared to deal with potential issues and arranged a help desk for the meeting, but everyone got online without problems,” Mommo continues. “SC Software managed great. The flexibility on both sides contributed to the successful project and finishing on time” Mommo praises.

The Conference Management Solution reduces workload of meeting arrangement

Mommo has noticed many practical benefits of using Conference Management Solution:

“We have so far conducted the meetings manually as “paper meetings”. Printing and sending the papers takes a lot of time compared to being able to distribute the materials electronically in the application. It is also easier to make requests to speak and vote in the application.”

“Zoom and Teams integration is also a big advantage”, Mommo continues. “Modern systems to talk with each other, making better use of already existing tools”.

“SC Software considered our overall success”

Mommo is pleased with the cooperation with SC Software:

“SC Software committed to a challenging schedule and took responsibility for the overall success of the project. They took our needs into account and proactively brought out their views on things we wouldn’t have considered ourselves. Cooperation with SC Software was easy”, concludes Mommo.

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