Seven years of Vinha at VR Group – ‘Clear and more efficient Capital Investment Management’

Capital investments maintain and enhance business opportunities. Depending on the size and nature of the business, a significant amount of money is committed to investments on an annual basis, ranging from millions to hundreds of millions of euros. As the capital expenditure costs increase, a challenge may arise in maintaining a real-time view and control of the investments: what investments are ongoing and upcoming, and on what schedule and budget?

The challenge: Attaining transparency in the investment portfolio

“We used to manage our investment process manually with forms and Excel,” says Jyri Mahonen, Senior Controller at VR Group. “We lacked comprehensive visibility into the entire investment process. Information about the status of investments sometimes had to be sought, dug up, and inquired about. We identified the need for a solution that would give us more control, visibility, and efficiency in the entire VR Group investment process,” Mahonen describes.

“Through an automated approval chain, active monitoring, and transparency, we aimed to bring better structure to the entire investment process.” Jyri Mahonen, Senior Controller, VR Group

“Our goal was to have an easy-to-use platform that supports VR’s capital investment process throughout the entire investment lifecycle, from the idea to the final report and post-calculation. Through an automated approval chain, active monitoring, and transparency, we aimed to bring better structure to the entire investment process,” Mahonen continues.

SC Software delivered the Vinha Capital Investment Management Solution to VR Group in 2015, and the solution now serves as a tool for over 200 users across the organization. The use of Vinha is also expanding to VR Group’s operations in Sweden.

Clear insight to capital investments achieved with Vinha

With Vinha, the entire capital investment lifecycle can be managed from the idea to the completed investment. In addition to actualization data, budget and forecast scenarios offer a portfolio-like view of ongoing and future investments.

According to Mahonen, VR Group has achieved the goals of clarifying the investment process with Vinha. The achieved benefits include improved process efficiency through the system’s user-friendliness, information accessibility, and real-time monitoring. Another advantage is that the Business Cases, investment calculations, and other investment-related documents can be easily attached to the existing investment information.

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Custom land area management solution delivered to Neova under budget and schedule – SC Software’s way of building software proved its strength again

Photo: Kari Vuorinen

A land area management solution, named Luuta, was implemented for Neova Group.

“We have about 50 active Luuta-users. They use the system to manage the areal information, such as peat production areas, the lifecycle of bogs and the future of land use in the areas managed by Neova”, says Päivi Peronius, Head of Peat Assets at Neova.

“The work also involves the management of permit matters and land leases. Neova is a fairly large landowner in Finland, so without the land area management solution, we would not be able to get by”, Peronius adds.

A modern centralized solution replaced several separate systems

SC Software and Neova started the development of the Luuta-solution already in 2015, when Neova needed a modern solution to replace the permit management system that had reached the end of its lifecycle. With the latest developments, functions of several separate systems have been brought to Luuta:

“Our goal was to replace the old systems with a solution implemented with modern technology and better usability”, says Peronius.

“There were different systems for land assets, land use, and environmental permit material management, and switching between them was tricky and time-consuming”, Peronius describes. “The centralization of information and operations in Luuta has made things smoother. It now takes significantly less time to do the same things”, she continues.

“When we talk about agile operating models, this was indeed it”

According to Peronius, the system reform project was already planned for several years. In the end, it was decided to expand the Luuta-solution with the necessary features. SC Software’s high-productivity application development platform was quick to bring them into the system.

Neova had a clear vision of their new needs regarding the solution. One of them was a map component, which was brought to Luuta in cooperation with an IT-supplier specializing in geographic information systems (GIS).

“Beforehand, we were a bit nervous about starting a challenging project with two software suppliers. Based on my previous experiences, I was prepared for delays and problems, but the cooperation with SC Software and Bitcomp was a really great and positive experience! Both suppliers were ready for close cooperation”, Peronius praises.

“When we talk about agile operating models, this was indeed it. We had strict schedule and budget goals, but we finished the project within budget and even faster than the estimated schedule. The project was smooth and I am really satisfied with its results”, Peronius concludes.

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Industrial Union digitalized its internal service processes – a modern and modular Trade Union solution family delivered by SC Software

SC Software and Industrial Union have developed a digital service platform, on top of which several systems supporting the union’s internal processes were built. Ari Pöyry, CIO at Industrial Union, explains the background of the project:

“After the fusion of the unions in 2018, our desire was to develop and unify our service processes. We were using old systems that were technologically at the end of their lifecycle and no longer served all our needs. When planning new solutions, we wanted to take the users better into account”, says Pöyry.

The development of internal processes and the supporting systems also builds the foundation for electronic services directed at the union’s activists. The first steps have already been taken with the launch of the trustees’ eService.

“When the internal service processes are in place, better external services can also be offered. In accordance with our strategy, we want to offer electronic service channels for the activist members as well,” states Pöyry.

The modern and modular solution was built piece by piece

The project started with the development of a case management solution. After this, new solutions were implemented step by step, soon building up a modern and modular solution family. At the same time, Industrial Union’s old system was run down.

SC Software delivered several solutions for Industrial Union during the project: organization register, case-, meeting- and campaign management solutions and an application for collective bargaining. SC Software also developed a common digital platform, which offers common services, such as navigation between different solutions, identification, authorization management, integration, data storage and reporting for all of the implemented solutions.

“Progressing piece by piece has made the job easier; we have implemented the solutions one unit or procedure at a time. The introduction to the users has also been relatively easy, as many of them have past user experience from SC Software’s similar user interfaces” says Pöyry.

The solutions were built by utilizing SC Software’s high-productivity software development platform that enhances application production. Thanks to that, the agile, customer-centric development has been efficient and therefore, the demanding delivery schedule was kept.

The solution family delivered to Industrial Union

A strong will and commitment led to the success of the project

The smooth cooperation between SC Software and Industrial Union led to the success of the project.

“It has required a lot of will, faith and decision-making ability from the management that such a large project has been implemented, Pöyry states. “We have worked together as a large team, and for many this has been their first contact with design and development of information systems. Many new tools have been introduced for the system users. The project has been a big effort for the entire organization,” Pöyry reflects.

“The schedule that seemed unrealistically tight at first, was kept.” Ari Pöyry, tietohallintopäällikkö, Teollisuusliitto

SC Software’s efficient working method and experienced project team proved their ability once again when the new solutions were implemented on budget and on schedule:

“The schedule that seemed unrealistically tight at first was kept, and changes were made flexibly. From the project management point of view all went well, even when the combination of multi-supplier deliveries and the pandemic situation posed their own challenges,” says Pöyry.

“SC Software has a big amount of supply capability and commitment. The cooperation has gone well, and we have completed a successful project”, concludes Pöyry.

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High-productivity software development platform successfully utilized in AFRY’s software delivery

SC Software supplied AFRY with a system intended for data management. The custom-tailored application was built by utilizing SC Software’s high productivity development platform.

“We ended up choosing SC Software as our software supplier, because they listened to our needs and immediately understood where we were aiming at. This way, we immediately got in the right direction cost-effectively”, says AFRY’s Director, Paper & Board Technology Jarkko Kutvonen.

“SC Software listened to our needs and immediately understood where we were aiming at” Jarkko Kutvonen, Director, Paper & Board Technologies, AFRY

Functional software at an early stage

With SC Software’s high-productivity software development platform, functional application code can be generated from a domain-specific model without manual programming. The technology automatically generates features from the database to the user interface. Additional features can be manually coded on top of the generated application without limitations. This way, the automation frees up software developers’ time from secondary work to more value-adding development.

“The project started fast, and we were able to see what the application would look like at an early stage”, says Kutvonen. “Automated application development suited our needs well, and I can recommend SC Software’s software development services to other organizations as well”.

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