SC Software delivers an electronic sourcing and tendering solution to the City of Tampere

Tampereen Hämeenpuisto ylhäältä kuvattuna

The City of Tampere develops its sourcing management. Photo: Laura Vanzo / Visit Tampere.


7.11.2022 at 9.25 | SC Software Oy 

SC Software won the bidding for the City of Tampere’s sourcing management and tendering system. The tendering service developed by SC Software will be launched on a wider market in the spring of 2023.

Sourcing is one of SC Software’s key business areas, for which the company has developed software solutions for a long time. The victory in the City of Tampere’s sourcing system tender strengthens the SC Sourcing Suite product family development. According to the customer’s estimate, the total value of the the entire contract period is approximately 600,000 euros.

“We are developing our sourcing management and the sourcing system offers the right tools for that. SC Sourcing Suite also supports the management of purchase needs and the entire lifecycle of sourcing, which offers new interesting opportunities for operational development. The sourcing system is tailored to meet our needs, and at the same time it enables the evaluation of our current processes and the possibility of making them more efficient”, says Kari Paju, CPO at the City of Tampere.

E-tendering as part of SC Sourcing Suite

SC Sourcing Suite is expanding with an electronic tendering service. In the future, procurement units can publish invitations to tender, and suppliers can participate in biddings through the portal. The new electronic tendering service will be introduced in spring 2023 at the same time with the system implementation for the City of Tampere.

“This is the last missing piece for the comprehensive sourcing management solution. The new e-tendering service will work smoothly together with Hilma and take into account the requirements of the coming eForms reform. It integrates to the sourcing system so that data no longer needs to be entered many times in various places. Special attention has also been paid to the service’s accessibility and information security”, says Tiina Vestman, Sales Director at SC Software.

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SC Software in brief

SC Software is a cloud-based SaaS company that delivers customer-specific software solutions as well as industry-specific software products. The company leverages its own high-productivity software development platform to automate much of the application’s manual coding. For customers, this is reflected in the better quality of the systems and the timeliness of deliveries.

SC Software was founded in 2014. The company’s turnover in 2021 reached 2.2 million euros. SC Software’s customers include the Industrial Union, Neova Group and VR Group.