Procurement operations evolving rapidly at HUS – SC Sourcing Suite supports strategic procurement management

HUSin sairaala ulkoa päin kuvattuna


6.6.2023 kello 12.40 | SC Software Oy

SC Software has emerged as the successful bidder in the comprehensive sourcing solution procurement tender of the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (Hus) with its SC Sourcing Suite. At the time of this announcement, the decision on the appeal regarding the tender outcome is being processed by the Market Court.

Hus is the largest healthcare operator in Finland and is responsible for specialized healthcare services in the Uusimaa region. Hus’s special responsibility area has approximately 2.2 million residents, and it treats nearly 700,000 patients annually with its workforce of 27,000 employees.

Aiming to pioneer in national healthcare procurement

Hus is Finland’s largest procurement unit in the social and healthcare sector, and it also operates as a joint procurement unit for other social and healthcare customers, sourcing healthcare supplies, medical devices, equipment, and services. The total value of Hus’s acquisitions is approximately one billion euros per year.

Hus has consistently invested in the development of its sourcing operations, aiming to be a national pioneer in social and healthcare procurements. This includes genuinely considering the needs of their patients, leveraging their strong buyer position, acting agilely, embracing innovation, and promoting responsible and competitive markets. In recent years, the procurement unit has transitioned to a centralized category management model, consistently streamlined its procurements, improved sourcing and contract expertise, and launched a sustainability program for procurements.

“For us, the opportunity to work with Finland’s largest social and healthcare procurement unit Hus is a significant achievement! We hope that our collaboration will contribute to Hus’s goal of being a pioneer in national healthcare procurements,” says Tiina Vestman, Sales Director at SC Software.

SC Sourcing Suite evolves – now providing comprehensive support for joint procurement units

In addition to its own procurements, Hus extends its procurement operations to serve other social and healthcare procurement units. Hus continuously plans, prepares, and tenders approximately 500-700 procurements, essentially managing 500-700 projects lasting 3-24 months with its procurement organization.

A joint procurement unit must be able to systematically, timely, and efficiently fulfill the sourcing needs of multiple organizations while ensuring uninterrupted service production and cost-effectiveness. Clear operating models and data-driven management are essential in Hus’s procurement operations.

The SC Sourcing Suite procurement management solution has been tailored to meet the specific needs of joint procurement units, offering system support for project organization management, process guidance, and category management. The solution provides a unified platform for collection of information from internal and external sources, enabling data-driven management and continuous improvement. As decision-making and administrative work become more efficient, procurement productivity and cost savings increase.

SC Sourcing Suite challenges the market

SC Sourcing Suite enables strategic sourcing management, supporting goal setting and impact monitoring by using concrete metrics. Additionally, the system provides process support for collecting procurement needs, planning and preparation, category management, tendering, and supplier and contract management.

SC Sourcing Suite has been well received in the public sector market. In addition to winning the Hus tender, SC Software has also won the tender for the City of Espoo, the Western Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County, and the City of Tampere’s procurement systems in 2022 and 2023. Simultaneously, the company has invested in incorporating electronic tender management into the Sourcing Suite. The first delivery of electronic tender management solution is currently underway for the City of Tampere.

Further information:

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Tiina Vestman
Vice President, Sales
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SC Software in brief

SC Software is a cloud-based SaaS company that delivers customer-specific software solutions as well as industry-specific software products. The company leverages its own high-productivity software development platform to automate much of the application’s manual coding. For customers, this is reflected in the better quality of the systems and the timeliness of deliveries.

SC Software was founded in 2014. The company’s turnover in 2021 reached 2.2 million euros. SC Software’s customers include the Industrial Union, Neova Group and VR Group.