A Custom-tailored SaaS application built in two months for Puumiehet ry

Kaadettuja puita metsätyömaalla

SC Software developed a customer-specific SaaS application for Puumiehet ry, an organization that consists of professionals working in and advocating for the Finnish wood and forestry sector. The application allows the organization to archive and utilize the volumes of Puumies-magazine, which the organization publishes.

“We were surprised how quickly the development of the application took place” Petri Puttonen, Account Manager, Puumiehet ry

“Puumiehet ry was founded in 1930, and Puumies-magazine has been published since 1955”, says Petri Puttonen, Account Manager at Puumiehet ry. “In our editorial office, it is often necessary to search for information from our old publications, for example what was previously written about a certain company, event or a device. Going through the old magazines required a lot of time and effort from us.”

The application speeds up the search for information from old publications

The newspaper data management application supports the speed of information retrieval compared to physical browsing of magazines. Electronic archiving with a search functionality will continue to help the data maintenance of the magazine.

“We save the news and articles of our new publications with keywords in the application. The publications are also saved as pdf-versions, so the contents can be browsed directly in the application. Little by little, we also scan and save older volumes in the archive”, says Puttonen.

The first application version was completed in a week

The application was built by utilizing SC Software’s high-productivity software development platform. It allows an efficient implementation for cloud-based, custom-tailored applications.

“We were surprised how quickly the development of the application took place”, says Puttonen. “After the first contact, we sent SC Software some preliminary information about our needs, and already the next week we were able to see the almost finished application. The development process was very pleasant for us, and the final version of the application was ready quickly,” praises Puttonen.

The application has been welcomed at Puumiehet ry:

“Using the application has been easy and fast. The database helps us a lot in our daily work at our editorial office. In the future, we also plan to use it on our website, where we can share limited access to the database”, Puttonen adds.

“SC Software was really active right from the beginning, and the implementation of the project was smooth and fast. The project was overall a positive experience,” concludes Puttonen.

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