SC Software delivers a strategic sourcing solution to Western Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County

Länsi-uudenmaan hyvinvointialue kartalla


19.12.2022 klo 16.00 | SC Software Oy

Western Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County implements the SC Sourcing Suite solution. The customer estimates the total value of the contract period to be about 1.8 million euros.

The responsibility for organizing social- and healthcare and rescue services will be transferred from the municipalities to the wellbeing counties in the beginning of 2023 with the social- and healthcare reformation. Therefore, the procurement operations and the existing delivery contracts are also being transferred to the new wellbeing counties. Western Uusimaa is one of the first counties to tender a sourcing solution.

“The solution contributes to our goals”

“We are satisfied that the solution will be implemented”, comments Antti Pakkanen, project manager for procurement of the Western Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County. “We have many procurement specialists who transferred from the city of Espoo. They already have good experience with the system in question. Leading of procurement and its entire life cycle is central in modern procurement operations. To that extent, the solution contributes to our goals as well.”

SC Sourcing Suite is also seen to support the development of procurement activities and leading with knowledge:

“We expect strong support from the system for the preparation, execution and management of procurement in general”, Pakkanen continues. “The solution is also expected to provide new opportunities for the development of our sourcing processes; in our view, it meets the needs that we have become aware of. Leading with knowledge is central to that. We’ve had good cooperation with SC Software already in the preparation phase, and we expect it to continue in further development of the solution”, Pakkanen concludes.

SC Sourcing Suite supports management, sourcing activities and tendering

SC Sourcing Suite is a strategic sourcing solution, that offers different user roles a personalized and current view to the procurement portfolio, contract lifecycles and suppliers. In addition to operational support, the solution offer tools for leading in accordance with the national procurement strategy and the client organization’s own goals and processes.

“Our solution supports the best practices and operating models of strategic procurement management, that are also part of the Finnish government’s procurement goals. The solution offers support for the operational execution as well as the management of the overall procurement at the wellbeing county. It enables monitoring of purchases, reacting to deviations and making strategic decisions”, says SC Software’s sales director Tiina Vestman.

The supplier’s and purchaser’s portals included in SC Sourcing Suite increase cooperation between operators. Electronic tendering tools will be launched in the spring.