Comprehensive capital expenditure management solution

Pääomainvestointien hallinnan järjestelmä tietokoneen näytöllä

Capital expenditure management helps reaching organization’s long-term operational and growth objectives. Decisions on capital asset acquisitions must be made strategically to reach the best outcome with productive allocation of the budget. A holistic view to the capital investment plan as well as streamlined processes are therefore critical for the firm’s future.

Lead with knowledge

Make strategic investment decisions based on up-to-date information. Forecast the future.

Empower collaboration

Bring professionals on one platform. Boost discussion and information sharing.

Manage effectively

Control statuses, schedules, budgets, costs, forecasts and resourcing of capital investment projects.

Unify the process

Create and maintain a unified operating model supported by approval workflows, mandatory information and role-based access rights.

Customize to your needs

Customize and integrate the solution according to your goals and requirements.

Focus on what matters

SaaS delivery model gives you the freedom to focus on what’s important while we take care of the application’s operation, comprehensive data security and other technical matters.

Tools for effective capital expenditure management

SC Software’s Capex management solution offers process support as well as a complete portfolio view to your capital expenditure projects. The system runs on Microsoft Azure cloud platform and is available as SaaS delivery.

⦿ Core capex information management
⦿ Capex life-cycle management from establishment to completion
⦿ Approval workflows
⦿ Integrated chat-features
⦿ Budgeting, cost and schedule forecasts
⦿ Task management
⦿ Save files as attachments to the capex information
⦿ Calculation templates (Excel)
⦿ Realized costs as an import

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