Press release: SC Software gets a new CEO from the listed company Solteq

Tiina Vestman ja Olli Väätäinen istuvat vierekkäin

Olli Väätäinen and Tiina Vestman will exchange the title of CEO at SC Software. Vestman will continue in the company with customer relationships and sales. Photo: Emmi Virtanen

Press release

January 26, 2022 at 6:35 a.m. | SC Software Oy

Olli Väätäinen will start as the CEO of SC Software Oy in the beginning of February 2022. Väätäinen previously served as Solteq Plc’s CEO for almost five years. Led by the new CEO, SC Software is aiming to a significant leap in growth and opening of the international software market for its own products.

Olli Väätäinen, former CEO of Solteq Plc, will start as CEO of SC Software Oy on February 1, 2022. Väätäinen, who during his term led Solteq to significant growth, improved profitability and internationalization, is one of the best CEOs in the covid-time measured on the basis of earnings per share (Kauppalehti, June 4, 2021). Väätäinen has served as Chairman of the Board of SC Software since the company was founded.

“I started my career as an entrepreneur more than 30 years ago, developing and selling my own software. SC Software brings me back to my roots”, Väätäinen says. “Technology and especially the software business is my professional passion. SC Software’s technology is a significant competitive advantage, and it is great to lead forward a healthy company. We build better software tells the essential about this company”, concludes Väätäinen.

Automating software production is a competitive advantage

SC Software is a cloud-based SaaS company that delivers customer-specific software solutions as well as industry-specific software products. In software production, the company leverages its own high-productivity development platform that automates much of the applications’ manual coding. From the beginning, the company’s strategy has been to radically increase the efficiency of software production.

“Establishing and building a company from scratch was very inspiring and enjoyable challenge”, says Tiina Vestman, founder and current CEO of SC Software. “Together we have built state-of-the-art software production and got to work with great customers and projects”, Vestman continues.

In the coming years, the company intends to focus on growth and expansion into international markets. Vestman will continue as Vice President in Sales at SC Software.

“I told Olli already in the early days of this company that I will hit the puck at the end of the hockey rink, then you can continue building the game! As a person and with his experience, Olli is everything that we can hope for the company and its future. It’s good to continue from here under his leadership”, Vestman summarizes.

Further information:

Olli Väätäinen
+358 50 557 8111

Tiina Vestman
Vice President, Sales
+358 50 561 4453

SC Software in brief

SC Software is a cloud-based SaaS company that delivers customer-specific software solutions as well as industry-specific software products. The company leverages its own high-productivity software development platform to automate much of the application’s manual coding. For customers, this is reflected in the better quality of the systems and the timeliness of deliveries.

SC Software (formerly SoulCore Oy) was founded in 2014. The company’s turnover in 2021 reached 2.2 million euros. SC Software’s customers include the City of Espoo, Industrial Union, Neova Group and VR Group.

Tiina Vestman

Vice President, Sales tiina.vestman[at] +358 50 561 4453

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