Sourcing Solutions

Lead, manage and execute procurement activities with next generation sourcing solutions!

SC Sourcing Suite – for strategic sourcing

SC Sourcing Suite is a complete sourcing platform for organizations who want to transform their procurement into a strategic function.

Choose SC Sourcing Suite if

  • You want to lead sourcing in accordance with your organization’s goals
  • You want a highly customizable solution
  • You need to integrate the solution with other systems.

Sourcing Sampo – for simple sourcing activities

Sourcing Sampo is a SaaS-application for organizations, who want to implement light and fast software tools to support sourcing activities.

Choose Sourcing Sampo if…

  • You want a simple application for sourcing activities, eg. planning or tendering
  • You prefer fast implementation with minimal customization
  • You don’t need to integrate other systems with the sourcing application.

Not sure of which sourcing solution to choose?

Our experts are happy to discuss your individual plans and needs. Contact us for further consultation!